Meet the team

Erica R. McKenzie

Erica R. McKenzie Principal Investigator

I strive to understand human impacted natural environments. I completed my Ph.D. at University of California at Davis. I went on to research as a postdoctoral scholar at Colorado School of Mines and I joined the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at Temple University in January 2015.

Michael Kilmer

Michael Kilmer Graduate Student

Growing up in a rural setting I have learned to respect and live with the land. I enjoy hobbies such as hunting, fishing, archery, woodworking, and teaching chemistry. I hope my work can culminate into something that will benefit mankind and nature as a whole.

Gianna Makler

Gianna Makler Undergraduate Student

I am a second year civil and environmental engineering major. I have a love for animals and the outdoors and hope to pursue a career focused on water technology systems and sustainability in urban environments.