ICP-MS Center

An inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer (ICP-MS) is a powerful analytical tool for measuring elemental concentrations. We have an Agilent 7900 ICP-MS, which can:

  • Elemental concentration analysis – including concentration as low as
    • Samples in water (aqueous)
    • Samples in organic solvents
    • Hydrofluoric acid digested samples 
  • High matrix tolerance – up to 25% dissolved solids (for reference, sea water is ~3.5% dissolved solids)
  • Analyze both aqueous and organic solvent samples
  • Collision/reaction cell capabilities – H, He, and Xe modes, to help eliminate interferences 

The ICP-MS center is excited about employing our analytical capabilities to promote scientific research.  Please contact Dr. McKenzie if you have an idea for collaborative research.  Additionally, we are in the process of beginning to provide fee-based analysis services. Please contact Dr. McKenzie with inquiries. 

The ICP-MS is a broadly applicable tool.  We are working to building a suite of demonstration projects; please check back for more details.  For now, descriptions of some analyses are shown below: 

  • The ICP-MS can be used to determine elemental concentrations in a bulk solution. Alternatively, you can pre-process a sample (e.g., filtration, ion exchange) and then ICP-MS measure the sample to understand sample characteristics.
  • Additionally, the ICP-MS center has a liquid chromatography system with a diode array detector that can be operated online with the ICP-MS. This allows for more advanced analysis employing chromatographic separation and then detection with two very sensitive detectors: absorbance and ICP-MS. LC – ICP-MS analysis can include speciation, molecular size, and hydrophobicity.
  • We are also working to employ the ICP-MS to provide continuous analysis of fast reactions.
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